Business Automation

Danjoo’s Business Automation services work to eliminate bottlenecks and repetitive tasks and margin for errors that occur from such challenges, to deliver cost and resource efficiencies. 

Logistics and tracking

Our solutions offer:

  • Paperless logistic and mobile applications for anywhere, anytime information on product traceability and stock levels.

  • Internet of Thing technologies for automatic integration of all data points for ready reporting and analysis.

  • Seamless Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration.

Dashboard and reporting automation

Our dashboard solutions provide:

  • Connectivity for all your essential business information into an easy to read and customisable view.

  • Accessibility via all devices - including mobile - anytime and anywhere.

Automation and secure workflows for HR

Our services in this field include:

  • Simplified secure document management, routing, and storage of content captured from scanned images, email, forms and more, automatically.

  • Password protection for highly available access by certain personnel only.

Business automation design & strategy

Our business automation design involves:

  • Workshop and information sessions to help organisations with the process automation space.

  • Identifying all systems that need to talk to each other.

  • Designing a solution that can be adopted with minimal disruption.