Business consulting

Danjoo’s Business Consulting service has been developed to provide confidence for those “need to be outsourced” needs.

The focus of our Business Consulting is to provide you with more time to work on other important matters whilst also providing cost efficiency.

Print reduction services

This service involves:

  • assessing your business printing and photocopying habits, workflows and existing systems. 

  • designing a more efficient whole print environment for you and your team.

Digital Transformation Assessment 

This service focuses on:

  • conducting discovery meetings. 

  • performing analysis and clarification meetings.

  • leading technical workshops.

  • designing a suitable digital transformation journey for implementation.

End-to-end IT consulting

This service involves:

  • connecting with our IT professionals to assess your digital goals and current state. 

  • developing an IT strategy. 

  • implementing or project managing implementation.

  • ongoing IT expert advice and support.

Cyber security consulting

This consulting service focuses on:

  • Helping to identify data risks for your business.

  • assessing existing systems and offer value add solutions to secure your valuable data assets.