Business Flexibility

Danjoo’s “as-a-service” solution has been designed to empower, accelerate and support today’s flexible working environments and arrangements.

Storage as a service 

We offer:

  • Cloud storage off premise that fits in with whatever stage your business is at.

  • Flexible consumption for both your business financial and operational advantages.

Cybersecurity as a service

We provide:

  • Initial and ongoing detailed cyber consultation.

  • Multi-layered design protection for all networks which hold your business data. 

  • Access to global-leading and cutting-edge security providers to deliver the most powerful protection.

Server as a service

Our Micro Data centres offer:

  • Smaller (or mini) data centre for remote on-premise locations such as regional mining and resources sites.

  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly data centres.

Networks and data as service

This service includes:

  • Helping you and/or your team members get fully connected to the right links, WiFI, NBN, wherever you are.

  • Providing help desk support, accessible via all types of telephony and various online communications outlets.

AR/VR as a service

This service provide:

  • Hands-on and realistic professional development and industry specific training, accessible wherever, whenever.

  • Customisable content to suit your business needs and industry best practice requirements.

Service Desk as a service

Through this service, you can expect:

  • Experienced IT support team members to provide information and resolutions via the phone or through online communications.

  • 24/7 operating centre that can assist you with all your business systems queries and support needs. 

Software and hardware procurement as a service

We offer:

  • Best value Microsoft Licensing for enterprise installation, updates and upgrades.

  • Easy access and affordable purchase of any IT hardware that you seek!

Telephony as a service

Our offering for connected communications include:

  • Voice connections at your on or off-premise workplace.

  • A powerful but simple IP phone system package on a flexible subscription basis.

  • Implementation, maintenance and support of  telephone system configurations.